Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to The Buzz at Mrs. D's Honey Bee Hive 2010-2011!

I hope you are feeling as excited about your child's first day of kindergarten as I am!  I've been in our classroom every day for the past week getting organized and creating a magical learning environment for all of us.  There will be so many opportunities for each of your children to learn in exciting and engaging ways this year! 

The first day of school is different for each child.  Some of your children will come in feeling confident, jumping right in to play with new friends, asking questions of their teacher!  Others will be slightly reserved, come in quiet, observe for a time to make sure it is a safe environment, and then join in with the fun.  Still others will be very nervous, clinging to you as you are about to leave, but once you do walk out the door your child will quickly learn to rely on me as their surrogate safety net.  Soon they will be exhuberant about the great day they are going to have every day in our honey bee hive!  By the time you receive the address to our class blog, you will already have passed the 1st day mark and will have seen for yourself. 

I will be adding photos of our classroom 'before' the children arrive.  You'll be able to see our learning activity areas and our curriculum as we roll it out for the beginning of the year.  You'll be able to see links to our reading, math, writing, and science curriculum resources.  You'll also be able to view links to our state standards and performance expectations, as well as to our district website.

In addition you will find links to our monthly homework calendars, our high frequnency words, the letter of the week, practice words for the week, etc. 

I will include blog post writing that will be directed towards your children as well.  These posts will begin 'Dear Honey Bees~".  I'll use kid friendly language with these posts.  You'll get to sit down with your child and read a note from Mrs. D to them in the beginning of the year, but watch as they begin to learn to read it to you!  This is one of my favorite moments I get to share with you - your child learning how to read before our eyes!!! 

I'll see all of you very soon!

Kind regards,

Mrs. D

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