Friday, August 20, 2010

Word Work

Good evening Honey Bees, families, and teachers,

Our room is shaping up!  Today I spent some time creating interesting manipulatives [things you can pick up and move with your hands] for you all to use during what we like to call "Word Work". 

I'm going to show you some pictures and explain how you might use these to build letters and words. 

Here are some pieces of driftwood that my family collected special for all of you to form your ABC letter shapes.  These are smooth, dry, and very light weight.  You can build the entire alphabet, you can build words, or you can build your name!

Next I used Lego Duplo blocks and removable Avery labels.  I used a permanent marker called a Sharpie and wrote the upper case [capital] letters on the big Duplo blocks.  I wrote the lower case letters on the small Duplo Blocks. 

I want you to learn something when you come to our class.  Please leave the labels on the Duplo blocks.  We will have more fun if I don't have to fix them again and again because someone likes to peel them off.  I appreciate you showing respect for my work and our classroom supplies.  This makes certain they will last for a very long time! 

You can match the capital letters with their lower case partners.  You can build words.  You can build your name!  Later we will use these to build sentences! 

Several years ago, my family went to the beach and my husband collected [at my request] a very large bag of tiny flat beach stones.  I have used them to create the alphabet so that you can build words with little beach pebbles that we collected for you!  Here are some photos of them:

And finally, with the help of my son and husband, we packed 40 medium sized flat beach rocks up a very steep hill back to our car this weekend.  I used dimensional [that means 3-D] paint and wrote the 40 high frequency words we will all learn in kindergarten this year.  You will be able to use these rocks to learn your 'popcorn words'.  We call them popcorn words because they keep popping up in our reading, writing, and talking!  Maybe we'll have a popcorn word hunt!

I also worked on our poetry area today, but you'll need to wait for me to upload some photos for you of the rest of the room.  Are you getting more excited yet?  I am!

BeeHappy ~

Mrs. D


  1. Mrs. D - I love your rocks! Too cute and very original. I'm new to blogging/class websites and your is a great model.


  2. Super cute ideas with natural elements! Love your reading area too :)
    Dual Kinder Teacher