Photo Diary of a Classroom 2009-2010

The photos below are a photo record or diary of my classroom in the year 2009-2010.  These were taken just before our 'meet the children and parents event prior to the 1st day of school.  We have a BBQ each year.  When the parents and kids came into my classroom, I knew they loved it when they all took a deep breath and gave out a collective "Wooooowwww!" 

Sensory Break Area

These photos above are all photos of the reading area/library.

These are photos of our white board and gathering area/teaching spot.

Writing area.

View towards the white board from my desk.

View of the classroom from my desk.

View towards the front door from my desk.

Sensory break area from my desk.

Writing Center.

Computer Center.

Classroom viewed from the exit door.

Math Center.

Cubby area - at this time it was a work in progress. : )

Table grouping - I used a "U" shape.

Math Center.

View towards white board from tables.

View towards reading area from Writing Center.

Reading Center/Library.

Reading Center/Library updated.

Seating bench near our gathering spot.

Sensory break area.

Fresh rose given as a gift from our leadership, ready to greet families.  View of the sink and counter.

Dramatic play Center.

Dramatic Play Center.

Finish Time!  Got 'er done!