Photo Diary of a Classroom 2010-2011

After spending the year collecting more materials for my students now that I have a much better idea of what they will love and learn from, I have 'reinvented' our classroom.  I hope you will enjoy the whimsy and magic as much as I know our children will this year.  I have attempted to fully load the room with curriculum presented in child-friendly vignettes.  Enjoy...

Word Work and Writing Centers
At the beginning of the year we build letters with driftwood, use manipulatives from Handwriting Without Tears, match upper and lower case letters, stamp letters. string letters, use magnetic letters, build the letters of our name, identify beginning sounds, etc.

Gathering spot - teaching/learning center, chart, pocket chart centers.

A favorite clipboard...

Vista Print Welcome Banner

Vista Print 3 Ways to Read Lawn Sign

Math Graphing Center and Prepositional Word Center

Math Resource Wall and Work Center
There is also a rectangular table for math strategy group work next to this area that can double as a reading group/science group table.

Student supply and organizational centers near tables to reduce transition time.

Beginnings of a Social Studies Center - a work in progress.  This area will include books, a mini-word wall, additional center materials with a specific rotating purpose.

Beginnings of a Science Center on the 5 Senses - a work in progress.  In addition to this area, part of my counter top is devoted to science observation materials.  Student Science Journals will be placed in this area as well as response sheets for students to record their observations at each center turn.

Computer Center

1/2 of Dramatic Play area towards front door view.  I have included pocket chart mini-word walls on the stove and sink for our 'cooking words' and our 'shopping words' to start!

The magnetic Poetry Cafe Center.

The photos above are the Poetry/Puppet Theater/Dramatic Acting-Retelling Center.  This includes an area for writing with poetry journals [to follow], puppets, poetry pocket charts, a magnetic poetry board, supplies, and more.  I think the kids will love this center!

Cozy Reading Center.  Our library books are currently being sorted by genre, organized in labeled bins - complete with color coded stickers.  Kids will learn to choose books from different genres and to put them back in the correct bin this year!

This is my reading strategy bulletin board, ready to create for The Daily 5, the Literacy Cafe, and our Beany Baby Reading Strategies!

Our honey bees are ready for grouping once I get my class lists and assessments done at the beginning of the year!

A tree is born...

Our tree is leafing out, getting ready for a full school year of Foss Science studying trees!

Our tree has leafed out and is ready for apples when the kids arrive.  Should the apples have their names on them or should they be true 'science' apples?  Hmmm'.....I'll need to think about this and get back to you with an updated photo.  What will you predict? One clue: We will be labeling the parts of a tree using this life size model.  

Classroom from Word Work/Writing Center view.

Front door view to tree corner.

Sensory Table Center full of foam ABC's.  Our kids will search and find the letters in their names, gluing them onto a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree.  This center will rotate into themes or science unit connections over time.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos so far.  I'll be adding photos to this year's diary as the year progresses and our classroom evolves.

Bee Happy,

Mrs. D